Lawrence Solomon Ilesanmi:A Political Titan and Entrepreneur

By on June 13, 2019

Chief Lawrence Solomon Ilesanmi was born in Ekiti, Nigeria, in 1952 to Chief Olabode Ilesanmi. He is a Nigerian, Politician and traditional aristocrat. He represents one of the leaders of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) party. Lawrence has been associated with the APC and he is currently a top chieftain ofthe All Progressive Congress (APC). He is serving currently as one of the chief title holders.

His Early Life

Chief Lawrence Solomon Ilesanmi was born in Omuo, Etiti East Local Government area of Ekiti State Southwestern. He attended United Primary School inOmuo before he proceeded to Omuo High School where he obtained the West Africa Certificate in July 1975. He received a bachelor’s Degree in Political Scienceand master’s degree in Public Administration from University of Ilorin and Ahmadu Bello University Bayero respectively.

His Career

Chief Lawrence has extensive experience both in Political Science and Business. His notable achievements in business have been in the areas of projectfinance, oil and gas, contract procurement and business facilitation. He served as Chairman of Betto Energy Limited and Suburban West Africa Limited and Non-Executive Director of Bewaji Group of Company. He worked in Inland revenue service briefly before He ventured into politics in 1999,successfully contesting and becoming one of the national leaders of Ekiti emancipation forum in Ekiti State one of the political associations that rally support for the current ruling party.

Lawrence has remained one of the very few Ekiti politicians (in the class of 1999) that has held his head verily high, and has continued to earn public respect, as he kept on gaining more popularity throughout the country. He is well noted for his great support and loyalty to his party. Humble, amiable and unassuming, Chief Lawrence, a consummate politician and loyal chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has continued to operate like a silent colossus both in the business and political terrains. Sitting cool on the board of many companies, he has managed to sustain his political career by keeping in touch with his allies and friends within political, military and government sectors as the case maybe or arise.

His Personal Life

Lawrence is a traditional aristocrat and plays tennis, squash and football. He got married at an early age of 25 to Erelu Angela Ilesanmi and is blessed with three children; Femi, Deji and Tumise.Lawrence Solomon Ilesanmi Net Worth is not available as at the time of writing this report.

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